Undergraduate Courses

Fall 2017 Course Listing (PDF)

Summer 2017 Course Listing (PDF)

Spring 2017 Course Listing (PDF)

For a list of all undergraduate course descriptions for Spring 2017, see here

Due to software issues, much information in the Columbia College and General Studies bulletins and on SSOL is, unfortunately, incorrect.  You should, instead, rely on the information in the pdfs in the above links: "Spring 2017 Course Listing (PDF)"; and "all undergraduate course descriptions for Spring 2017."

Our lectures are open to all interested students!  All lectures (with a few exceptions) are uncapped, and there are no prerequisites for admission unless the instructor specifies one in the course description.  (If you are interested, but concerned that a lecture may be too advanced for you, please email the instructor, who will be happy to discuss whether the course is appropriate for you!)  If you are unable to register for a lecture listed as "full" on SSOL, this means only that the room initially reserved is full: you should email Aaron Robertson <ar3488@columbia.edu> as soon as possible, letting him know that you intend to register for that lecture, and then continue to check SSOL.  Even if you're still unable to register after the first day of classes, do attend the lectures.  In the unlikely case that a course has in fact been capped, you will receive an email from the instructor or department.  Exceptions: ENGL UN3267, "Foundations of American Literature" is capped at 75 students.

        To apply to a seminar, email the instructor with the title of the course in your subject line, and include basic information: your name, school, major, year of study, and relevant courses taken, along with a brief statement about why you are interested in taking the course.  (Do check the pdf to make sure the seminar is being offered, and for the name of the instructor and correct course title).  Although the initial due date for applications was Nov 10th, applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
        Only instructors can admit students to their seminars. The faculty member or English Dept will email you to let you know whether you've been admitted.  Unfortunately, you cannot rely on information in the bulletin, and registration is unrelated to admission.  Thus, you should ignore information in SSOL.  Do apply to any seminar that interests you, even if it is listed as "full" in SSOL.  Conversely, you cannot assume that the fact that you've been able to register for a seminar means that you've been admitted: if you are uncertain, email the instructor.

If you need more information, please call the Department of English at 212- 854-3215.