Graduate Student Directory

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NameAcademic Interests
Atefeh Akbari Shahmirzaditheories of world literature and comparative studies, Persian poetics, Diaspora and translation studies
Valerio Amorettihistory and theory of psychoanalysis, especially object relations theory; autobiography; J.M. Coetzee; the modernist novel
Brian BartellAmerican studies; postcolonial theory; literatures of the African diaspora (Anglophone and Francophone); cinema studies
Akua Banfulpost-colonial theory, early empires, artistic representations of political phenomena
Daniella Cádiz Bedini19th and 20th century writing from Africa and the Americas, empire, postcolonial theory, comparative literature, and translation
Katherine BergevinBritish and transatlantic 18th-century; cultural history of emotion/affect; gender and sexuality studies; literature and capitalism
Campbell Birch20th- and 21st-century American literature; cultural and literary theory; war, narrative, and trauma; J.M. Coetzee​
Gabriel BloomfieldRenaissance poetry, especially the "metaphysical" tradition; religion and atheism; sermons; rhetoric and poetics
Sheila Byers19th-century American literature, early American Literature, poetics, literature and science
Maria Bomultilingualism, translation theory, 19th- and 20th-century transpacific literature - English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish
Liz Bowendisability studies; gender and sexuality studies; contemporary literature; visual culture; animal studies; posthumanisms
Michaela Brawn20th century American and European fiction; modernism; gender and sexuality studies; cultural history; emotions and affect theory; war
Sheila Byers19th-century American literature, early American Literature, poetics, literature and science
Lindsey CienfuegosLatinx Studies; American studies; contemporary literature; visual/media studies
Therese Cox20th-century British and Irish literature; modernism and post-modernism; visual culture; architecture; cities and space; performance studies; war
Amanda CulpSanskrit theater; Indian performance; modern drama and the avant-garde; 20th-century intercultural dramaturgy
Candace Cunard18th-century British literature, the novel, participatory literary culture, critical affect
Andrea Crowearly modern literature, food politics, gender and sexuality studies
Gabrielle DaCostaAnglo-Saxon studies, Black studies, semiotics and philosophies of language, early medieval ecclesiastical cultures, the monastery
Emma de BeusShakespeare, Feminist Criticism, History Plays, Performance Studies, Early Modern Drama, and Interdisciplinary Studies
Danielle Dreesearly modern and modern drama, contemporary theatre and performance art, political economy, feminist theory, performance studies, theatrical production
Katrina Dzyak19th-century American literature; ecocriticsm; poetics; natural history; vitalism; space and place 
Jess Engebretson20th c. British, Irish & African literature, violent conflict, modernism and empire, human rights, ethics
Matt Fernandez19th and 20th century American literature
Emily Anne FosterThe 19th Century British Novel, Gothicism, Victorian Literature, Theory of the Novel 
Evyan Gaineyearly modern literature and culture, especially seventeenth-century poetry and prose; sex and embodiment studies; queer studies
Nicole Gervasiocontemporary postcolonial literature from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean; comparative literature; women's, gender, and sexuality studies; queer theory; trauma, state terrorism, human rights, and the ethics of representation
Ilana GilovichShakespeare, Global Shakespeare adaptations, dance and movement practices, prison literature and performance practices
Will Glovinskymodernism and imperialism, Victorian literature, cultural history of empire, travel writing, theory of the novel
Walter Gordon20th- and 21st-century historical novels, theories of historiography, documentary fiction, media studies
Emily Hainze19th- and 20th-century American and African-American literature; law and culture; gender and sexuality studies; crime; incarceration
Jessica Hallockcontemporary literature; critical theory and cultural studies; gender and sexuality studies; biopower; experimental aesthetics; visual culture
Jayne Hildebrand19th-century British literature and culture
Paula Elizabeth Hopkinslate 18th- to early 20th-century American and African-American literature; visual culture; critical theory; archivalism
Marie Hubbard20th/21st century Anglophone literature, Postcolonial theory, British and French imperialism, English and education
Christina IglesiasEarly 20th-century British literature & culture; Modernism; literature and religion
David Jamieson18th century British and transatlantic literature; comedy and satire; illness, the body, and disgust
Alec Joyner19th- and 20th-century American literature; modernism; history and theory of the novel; intellectual history; transnational literature and culture; humor, comedy, wit, satire; Francophone literature
Elleza Kelleyspace & place, architectural theory, literatures of the African diaspora, black studies, visual culture, speculative fiction, performance studies
Ryder KesslerVictorian literature; British and American realism & naturalism; chance, choice, and responsibility in the novel; Edith Wharton
Chris KlippensteinMedieval and early modern literature; drama; romance; scribal and textual cultures; ecocriticism
Warren KluberModern and Contemporary Drama; War Plays; Theatre and Violence; Medicine and Disease in Theatre; Dramatic Character; Performance Theory
Kaveh Landsverkpostcolonial literature and theory
Martin Larson-Xupoetry and poetics; systems theory; contemporary literature; language to be looked at and/or things to be read
Alexander K. P. Lashearly modern literature and culture; drama; new formalisms; history of science
Emily Madisonearly modern drama, performance theory, gender and performance, acting theory
Matt Margini19th century British literature; animal studies; posthumanism; classification; dogs; dinosaurs; the late Victorianism of late capitalism; contemporary videogames
Nicholas MayerAntebellum American literature, material culture, historicism
Elizabeth McIntoshEarly modern and medieval literature and art history; romance; court poetry; literary form
Kate McIntyrepoetry and poetics; 19th-century American literature and philosophy; philosophy of language, ethics
Bo McMillan20th- and 21st- century American literature; American studies; urban planning, real estate and architecture; cultural studies
Taarini MookherjeeEarly Modern Drama, Shakespeare, Postcolonial Theory, Indian Film
Naomi Michalowicz20th- and 21st-century British literature; speculative fiction; the city in literature; narrative theory
Bernadette Myersearly modern and medieval drama, ecocriticism, urban environmental history, theories of allegory and genre
Diana Rose NewbyVictorian literature; British modernism; ecofeminism and the new materialisms; 19th and 20th century metaphysics; war and trauma.
Rebecca Pawelmedieval comparative literature, comparative philology, Spanish influence in English letters
Li Qi Peh18th Century British Literature; Travel Literature; Science and Literature
Eugene Petraccamedieval and Renaissance literature, authorship and translation, classicism and orientalism, allegory and rhetoric, aesthetics and politics, theology, music, film
Phillip Polefrone20th-century American fiction, social ecology, digital humanities, environmental humanities, and speculative fiction
Zoë Pollak19th-century American literature; transatlantic Romantic philosophy; landscape as metaphor and material; the lyric
Anne PotterSeventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century European drama, performance of history, adaptation, gender in the theatre, comedy, music theatre
Jonathan ReeveComputational literary analysis; linguistic approaches to literature; 19th and 20th Century British literature; modernism
Tiana Reidliteratures of the African diaspora; feminism; black studies; globalization
Erica Nicole Richardson19th and 20th century African American literature, African American Drama, Print Culture, Black feminism, Black masculinity studies, Cultural studies
Aled Robertsmedieval literature; medieval science and mathematics; poetics; late medieval scholastic thought
Zachary Roberts19th- and 20th-century American literature, modernism, and ecocriticism
Alex Rocca20th-century American novel; experimental fiction; 19th- and 20th-century American intellectual history; aesthetics and economics; Russian literature
Elliot RossAfrican and diasporic literature, anti-colonial thought, decolonization, humanitarianism and human rights, feminism and gender, historical reparations, modern African drama, Ngũgĩ
Olivia RutiglianoLate 19th/Early 20th Century literature, theatre/drama, film; adaption studies; detective stories; Shakespeare performance; costume design.
Graham SackDigital humanities, particularly the application of quantitative and computational methods (e.g., computer simulation and social network theory) to the study of literature, literary culture, and narrative
Marcelo Castro SalinasIntersections of technology, culture, languages and forms. Development of vernaculars and grammars; changing relevance and functions of literary genres.
Gianmarco E. SarettoMedieval literature; Comparative literature
Rosa SchneiderAmerican and Anglophone Caribbean drama; performance of history and historiography; theatre and nation formation; political theatre and dramaturgy; documentary theatre; meta-theatricality and cultural memory and embodiment.
Carina del Valle Schorsketheory and practice of psychoanalysis; the history of race; anthropology and literature; the politics of representation; visual culture; intersubjectivity; feminisms
Meredith ShepardPostcolonial African literature in Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda, French, and English; archival theory; genocide studies; human rights
Jessica SimonVictorian theater; the Victorian novel; melodrama; realism; affect; sensation
Alexis SumpterBritish and transatlantic modernism; violence, trauma, and war; disability studies; poetry and poetics
Maria Paola SvampaRomantic studies, with a specific focus in poetry and poetics; comparative literature (European Romanticism and the visual arts)
Kimberly TakahataEarly American literature, natural history, ecocriticism, medical humanities. 
Ameya Tripathi20th c. British, Irish and Spanish literature, poetry, war, journalism and documentary, the modernist city and urban studies, George Orwell, translation and diaspora studies, issues in transatlantic, Latin American, comparative and world literature
Valeria Tsygankova19th- and early-20th-century American and African-American literature, literature and philosophy, science and medicine, affect theory, ecocriticism
Ben VanWagonerearly modern drama, modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, modernist afterlives of the renaissance, economic theory
Michael WestRenaissance literature, especially drama; hermeneutics; humanism; secularism and secularization
Victoria Wiet19th-century British literature, performance studies, gender and sexuality studies
Kevin WindhauserEarly modern British literature; poetic theory; literature and philosophy; history of English as a discipline
Ami Yoon19th-century American literature, poetry and poetics, ecocriticism, affect, literature and science.
Rachel (Dunn) ZhangEarly modern literature, poetics, genre, religious and political polemic, romance