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 Name InterestsEmailDissertation
 Deborah Aschkenes 19th-century British literature, realism and narrative theory, history of science, poetics, theories of perception, natural 
 Atefeh Akbari Shahmirzadi postcolonial literature and theory, Middle Eastern studies, diaspora memoir writing, modern 
 Mary Grace Albanese 19th-century American literature; the French afterlives of Edgar Allan Poe; translation 
 Valerio Amoretti history and theory of psychoanalysis, especially object relations theory; autobiography; J.M. Coetzee; the modernist 
 Minou Arjomand 
 Sarah Arkebauer modern and contemporary American poetry, French poetry, 
 Elfriede Barall 
 Gania Barlow high to late medieval literature, self-conscious narrative and narrative authority in vernacular retellinggb2245@columbia.eduRevisionary Retelling: The Metapoetics of Authorship in Medieval England
 Brian Bartell American studies; postcolonial theory; literatures of the African diaspora (Anglophone and Francophone); cinema 
 Katie Bartholomew Turn of 20th-century urban American writing and photography; modernism; realism and magical 
 Frederick Bengtsson 
 Emma Bérat medieval literature (12th & 13th centuries); women's literary culture; multilingualism; cultural transition; historiography; romance; vernacular 
 Liam Berkowitz 
 Brittany Biesiada 20th-century American literature, the Gothic, and modern 
 Campbell Birch critical theory; cultural studies; writing studies; J.M. 
 Gabriel Bloomfield Renaissance poetry, especially the "metaphysical" tradition; religion and atheism; sermons; rhetoric and 
 Maria Bo multilingualism, translation theory, 19th- and 20th-century transpacific literature - English, Chinese, Japanese, and 
 Cat Bohannon 
 Elizabeth Bonnette 
 Rebecca Bort  

Victorian literature; 19th/20th century American literature; military and war 
 Nicholas Burkett Modern and postmodern American literature; transgressive fiction and punk literary 
 Joseph Cermatori theater and modernism; critical and aesthetic theory; conceptual history; historiography; performance studies; media studies; rhetoric; early modern

Baroque Modernism: Theatrical Stagings of a Concept between Theory and Performance

 Julia Cheng 

20th Century American Lit, Food Culture, Media Studies, East Asian Studies 
 Anna Clark Romantic and Victorian British literature; theories of character; the novel; political philosophy; narrative theoryaec2137@columbia.eduCenters of Consciousness: Protagonism and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
 Saskia Cornes early modern 
 Therese Cox 20th-century British and Irish literature; modernism and post-modernism; visual culture; architecture; cities and space; performance studies; 
 Andrea Crow sexuality studies, material culture, 17th-century English 
 Amanda Culp Sanskrit theater; Indian performance; modern drama and the avant-garde; 20th-century intercultural 
 Candace Cunard 18th-century British literature, the novel, participatory literary culture, critical 
 Nijah Cunningham literatures of the African diaspora; gender and performance; aesthetics; political theory; the black 
 Michael Darnell 
 Sneha Desai poetics, Anglophone and Francophone postcolonial literatures, modern Indic languages and 
 Alicia De Santis 
 Tim Donahue 19th c. U.S. literature; history and culture of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands; 19th c. Latin American literature; early American literature; the novel; political theorytmd2120@columbia.eduSovereign Visions: The Novel in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1854-1915
 Rachel Dunn 16th- and 17th-century 
 May El Maraashly 

political theater; representations of Middle Eastern politics in contemporary American theater 
 Alex Fabrizio British and transatlantic modernism; violence, trauma, and war; disability studies; poetry and 
 Amir Fainaru theatre and philosophy; theories of theatricality and performativity; 19th- and 20th-century drama and 
 Jason Fitzgerald modernism, post/late modernism, the avant-garde, democracy and the public sphere, neoliberalism, spectatorship, Marxism, aesthetics, French philosophy, musical theatre, queer theory/ 
 Kathryn Fore early modern English literature (especially 16th-century poetry and poetics), the English Reformation and religious history, political philosophy, Sidney, 
 Ariel Franklin-Hudson early modern literature and history, manuscript studies, education and renaissance humanism, literary communities and networks, participatory 
 Katie Gemmill 18th-century literature; Anglo-French literary exchange; life writing, manuscripts and textual editing; Frances Burney; Jane 
 Nicole Gervasio 20th- & 21st-century global Anglophone & postcolonial literature; queer/feminist theory; transnationalism; trauma studies; disability studies; citizenship and human 
 Lindsay Gail Gibson history of the novel; 19th- and 20th-century British literature and culture; style and narratology; technology and obsolescencelgg2108@columbia.eduArtificial Light and the Novel, 1770-1930
 Marina Graham 
 Emily Hainze 19th- and 20th-century American and African-American literature; law and culture; gender and sexuality studies; crime; 
 Jessica Hallock  

contemporary literature; critical theory and cultural studies; gender and sexuality studies; biopower; experimental aesthetics; visual culture 
 Arden Hegele Romantic and Victorian literature; poetry and poetics; science and medicine; women and gender; British-French relations; the colonial 
 Jayne Hildebrand 19th-century British literature and 
 Annie Holt modernism; English Renaissance drama; stage design; opera; gender studiesarh2123@columbia.eduThe Rise of the Costume Designer, 1870-1920
 Paula Elizabeth Hopkins late 18th- to early 20th-century American and African-American literature; visual culture; critical theory; 
 Jang Wook Huh Afro-Asian intersections; African-American literature and culture; Asian-American literature; Asia/Pacific cultural studies; postcolonial and race theories; American realism; translationjh2735@columbia.eduPoetic Inventions of the Black Pacific: Black Radicalism and Overlapping Dispossession in Afro-Korean Literary
 Irvin Hunt 20th-century American literature; 19th- and 20th-century African-American literature; American modernism; theories of humor; theories of nationalism; literary

Investing in Stereotypes: Comic Second-Sight in Twentieth-Century
African American Literature

 Christina Iglesias modernism; fin de siècle; Victorian literature; Spanish and Latin-American modernism; religion and 
 Shannon Jilek 20th-century British and Irish literature; 
 Royden Kadyschuk 
 Ryder Kessler Victorian literature; British and American realism & naturalism; chance, choice, and responsibility in the novel; Edith 
 Eric Kim 19th- and 20th-century American literature; cultural studies; race and ethnicity; ecocriticism; 
 Mary Catherine Kinniburgh interests: medievalism, Anglo-Saxon poetry, animal studies, digital humanities, and 
 Warren Kluber  

West African Anglophone and Francophone literature and drama. 
 Maxine Krenzel 

20th-century American and British literature 
 Vesna Kuiken 19th-century American literature, literary theory, theories of democracy and community, utopian literaturevb2221@columbia.eduRevolutionary Ecstasy: Reformulations of Community in Emerson, Fuller, Jewett, and Henry James
 Lucas Kwong secularization, theories of enchantment, empire and race, theology and the novel, Victorian Gothic fictionlek2125@columbia.eduExtravagant Practices: Religious Ritual and Mystical Experience in Late Victorian Fantasy
 John Kuhn 17th-century English & transatlantic literature, esp. drama from Marlowe to Congreve; genre theory; history of ethnography; local and social history; 
 Kaveh Landsverk postcolonial literature and 
 Alexander Keith Paulsson Lash early modern literature and culture; drama; new formalisms; history of 
 Janet Lee 18th-century English 
 Andrew Lin 

modernism and post-modernism; modernity; Asian-American literature; gender and sexuality; queer theory; Marxism 
 Katja Lindskog 
 Jared Lister 
 Ruen-chuan Ma late medieval English and French literature (in particular Chaucer, Gower, Langland, and Christine de Pizan), paleography and codicologyrm2823@columbia.eduThe Aesthetics of Codicology in Late Medieval Vernacular Literature
 Emily Madison early modern drama, performance theory, gender and performance, acting 
 Matt Margini 19th-century British and American literature; animal studies; poetry and poetics; 
 Ross Martin  

19th-century American literature; American pragmatism; economics and literature; interdisciplinary issues 
 Nicholas Mayer 
 Jarvis McInnis 
 Kate McIntyre  poetry and poetics; 19th-century American literature and philosophy; philosophy of language, 
 Christopher McKeen early modern literature; history writing; poetics; the pastoral; early modern reading practices; Roman 
 Nicole Meline 19th-century literature & intellectual history; poetry & 
 Sarah Meyers

Stages of Death: The Theatrical Uncanny in Contemporary Performance

 Sam Mitchell late 19th- and early 20th-century British literature and culture; Bloomsbury; temporality and the 
 Taarini Mookherjee Early Modern Drama, Shakespeare, Postcolonial Theory, Indian 
 Alastair Morrison 20th-century British literature; modernist poetics; religion in literary and cultural studies; the relationship between cultural and welfare 
 Olivia Loksing Moy Victorian poetry; British Romanticism; the long 19th century; poetry and 
 Sherally Munshi 20th-century American law and culture; South Asian immigration; postcolonial and ethnic studies; critical race 
 Noémie Ndiaye-Reltgen conventions, stylization and the development of realism in early modern and 17th-century theatre (English and continental) 
 Jamie Parra 19th-century American literature; theories of the novel and of narrativejlp2159@columbia.eduPrisoners of Style: The Lives of Literary Characters and the Ethics of Novel Reading
 Michael Paulson 18th- and early 19th-century British literature; intellectual history; history of criticism, literary theory, and aesthetics; visual 
 Rebecca Pawel 

medieval comparative literature, comparative philology, Spanish influence in English letters 
 Tatiana Pawelec  

19th c. American early film and its evolution; American Romanticism and Gothic Literature 
 Eugene Petracca medieval and Renaissance literature, authorship and translation, classicism and orientalism, allegory and rhetoric, aesthetics and politics, theology, music, 
 Phillip Polefrone 19th- and 20th-century American literature; science and technology; theories of governance; American modernism; utopian literature; 
 Will Pruitt   

realism, naturalism, modernism, post-modernism, post-civil rights era American literature, Marxist theory, new historicism, post-colonial theory 
 Adrian Rapazzini 

20th century British and American literature; the novel; modernism; gender and sexuality; literature and the senses 
 Erica Nicole Richardson 19th- and 20th-century African-American literature; embodiment; gender and 
 Aled Roberts medieval literature; medieval science and mathematics; poetics; late medieval scholastic 
 Zachary Roberts 19th- and 20th-century American literature, modernism, and 
 Alex Rocca 20th-century American novel; experimental fiction; 19th- and 20th-century American intellectual history; aesthetics and economics; Russian 
 Mariel Rodney 
 Abby Rosebrock medieval literature; poetics, teaching writing, creative writing pedagogymar2113@columbia.eduWives' Counsel in THE CANTERBURY TALES
 Elliot Ross sub-Saharan literature, empire, decolonization, postcolonial theory, human rights and humanitarianism, 
 Graham Sack digital humanities, particularly the application of quantitative and computational methods (e.g., computer simulation and social network theory) to the study of literature, literary culture, and 
 Rashmi Sahni Restoration and 18th-century British literature; history and theory of the novel; women's writing; narrative theoryrs2860@columbia.eduNovels of Detection
 Gianmarco E. Saretto 

Comparative literature studies (European and American), Digital Humanities, stylometry and tropology 
 Hiie Saumaa American and British modernism; transatlantic modernism; literature and health; narrative theory; theories of mind-body interaction, movement, and holistic healing; spirituality; contemplative studieshs2388@columbia.eduTuning the Mind-Body-Spirit in Anglo-American Literature, 1890-1940
 Rosa Schneider post-colonial Anglophone literature and drama, theatre and nation formation; diaspora literature and theatre; Shakespeare; dramaturgy; literary adaptation; culture and 
 Michelle Shafer environmental performance, avant-garde and experimental theater, early modern and modern drama, feminist criticism, performance theory, dramaturgy and directingmcs162@columbia.eduShifting Terrain: Landscape, Ecology and Environmental Theater
 Lucy Sheehan 19th-century literature and culture, especially the Victorian novel; 18th- and 19th-century social and political thought; gender studies and theories of embodimentlls2143@columbia.eduBorrowed Bodies: Economic and Aesthetic Appropriations of Slavery in the Victorian Novel
 Meredith Shepard literature and human rights, postcolonial and colonial literatures, English and Swahili literatures of Eastern and Southern 
 Emily Shortslef 16th- and 17th-century poetry and dramaees2155@columbia.eduHistories of Complaint: Tragic Lament and Elizabethan Historical Literature
 Charlotte Silverman 

postcolonial literature, international law, Marxist theory 
 Jessica Simon Victorian theater; the Victorian novel; melodrama; realism; affect; 
 Christine Smallwood 19th- and 20th-century British and American literature; theory of the novel; character; the history of American cultural 
 Adam Spry Native American literature, 19th- and 20th-century American literature, settler colonialism, law and literature, literature and the stateams2241@columbia.eduOur Backbone for the Bow: Transnational Approaches to Anishinaabe Literature
 Ashley Streeter early modern English poetry, prose and drama; book historyamb2263@columbia.eduFools in Retail: English Print Personae and Their Books in the Long 1590s
 Maria Paola Svampa Romantic studies, with a specific focus in poetry and poetics; comparative literature (European Romanticism and the visual arts) 
 Joshua Swidzinski British literature 1660-1830; poetry and poetics; the history of the sciences of language, particularly during the Enlightenmentjs3683@columbia.eduCommon Measures and the Poetics of Enlightenment
 Jillian Tan postcolonial literature and criticism; Asian-American literature; transatlantic 
 Jessica Teague 20th-century American literature, modernism, jazz, African-American literature, media and performance studies, American intellectual 
 Andres Torres  

modernist and post-modernist aesthetics; comedic arts; mysticism and the phenomenology of writing and reading 
 Kate Trebuss medicine and literature, narrative medicine, autobiographical studies, women's and gender studies, visual culture, human rights, the third world and global healthkat2133@columbia.eduCritical Care: Narrative, Health and Social Justice in Contemporary Medical Life Writing of the Americas
 Richard Trist Nietzsche and 20th-century theatre; modernist theatre; Futurist theatre and 
 Valeria Tsygankova modern and contemporary American poetry, Russian poetry, poetics, history of the 
 Maxwell Uphaus late 19th- to mid-20th-century British and Irish literature; British history and historiography; place, space, geography, and literaturembu2102@columbia.eduThat Restless Water: The Sea, Britishness, Empire, and Modernism, 1880-1950
 Lindsay Van Tine American literature to 1865; hemispheric American studies; history of the 
 Ben VanWagoner early modern drama, modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, modernist afterlives of the renaissance, economic 
 Audrey Walton medieval literature, especially Anglo-Saxon; poetics; genre; reading 
 Buck Wanner  

dance history 
 Michael West Renaissance literature; hermeneutics; history of reading; history of the 
 Victoria Wiet 19th-century British literature, performance studies, gender and sexuality 
 Seth Williams early modern English literature and culture; dance, textual studies, and performance 
 Aaron Winslow 
 Beth Zweig