Katie Gemmill

Katie Gemmill’s research and teaching focus on literature of the eighteenth century and Romantic period in England. Her dissertation, “Novel Conversations, 1740-1817,” accounts for how and why prose writers from the 1740s onwards began to give more prominence and detail to representations of conversation in their texts. Her current and past projects all aim to forge communication between editorial and theoretical approaches to novel studies: she has published articles on Frances Burney’s French archive and on Jane Austen’s manuscripts (here and here), and she has worked on a number of textual editing projects as a research assistant at The Burney Centre and the Yale Johnson Edition. Other scholarly interests include representations of transgressive women in fiction, and Anglo-French literary relations in the long eighteenth century. She regularly writes non-academic criticism for popular reviews such as Public Books and Open Letters Monthly.

Academic Interests: 

18th-century literature; life writing and the history of the novel; style, narratology & realism; manuscript studies & textual editing; Anglo-French literary relations.