• Matthew Hart

    Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
    408f Philosophy Hall
    Office Hours:
    On leave Spring 2017
    (212) 854 6407

    Areas of Interest :
    Twentieth and twenty-first century Anglophone culture, with an emphasis on modernist poetry, contemporary British fiction, history and literature, political theory, and the visual arts.

    M.A. (Hons.), Edinburgh University (1996); M.A., Sussex University (1997); Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (2004). Matt Hart specializes in twentieth and twenty-first century literature, with an emphasis on modernism, poetry, and contemporary British fiction. He is also interested in connections between literature and the visual arts and between literary history and political history. Recent classes have included “Late Modernism,” “Black British Literature,” “Contemporary Literature and the Critical Act,” “Seminar in Literary Geographies,” and “Late, Untimely, Uneven.”

    Matt's publications include Nations of Nothing But Poetry (Oxford U. P., 2010/2013) and, with Jim Hansen, Contemporary Literature and the State, a Special Issue of Contemporary Literature (2008). His new projects include a book, “Extraterritorial: A Political Geography of Contemporary Fiction,” and, with David Alworth, a special issue of ASAP/Journal titled “Site Specificity Without Borders.” Recent essays on contemporary literature and art are out or forthcoming in Criticism, Modern Fiction Studies, Public Books, The Oxford History of the Novel, and The Cambridge Companion to British Fiction, 1945-2010. His collaborative interviews with novelists Tom McCarthy and Rachel Kushner are featured in Contemporary Literature, which journal Matt served from 2008-2015 as Associate Editor for British and Anglophone Literature.

    In addition to his teaching and writing, Matt is Founding Co-Editor (with David James and Rebecca L. Walkowitz) of the Columbia University Press book series, Literature Now, and a former President of A.S.A.P.: The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present.