Ph.D. Candidate, Liz Bowen, Publishes First Collection of Poetry

Liz Bowen
From the publisher, Metatron Press:
Liz Bowen's "Sugarblood" 
is spilling over with contaminants, soft intrusions, illness, animal instinct, medicine, and vengeance. Liz Bowen asks what it means to care for one another when emotions involve labor, and how our desires are so readily surveilled, scrutinized, and gendered. 

Of it, Sharon Mesmer has said:

“Liz Bowen’s poems invite you to catcall your PAP smears, catcall your closed mouth, revive “the deadly myth of a unified womanhood” (while at the same time decapitating it). Here is the ancient tension between what’s revealed and what’s kept hidden, what is both spoken and hushed-up in the same moment...The female mind-body’s own processes are polyvalent, sick, subversive; they screw stuff up. Yet, as one of Bowen’s interlocutors states, “ . . . we are lucky / to be raw underneath.” Here is the longed-for redemption: we live gracefully, we are scrubbed (just enough), we are healthy even as we are sick."


Graduate Student