Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism

The Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism was founded in 2002-2003 by students majoring in English at Columbia, but it operates independent of the English Department. Its aim is to offer a trans-disciplinary forum favoring critical thinking and uniting students in the Humanities. The Journal is printed once a year and publishes about a dozen rigorous academic papers written by undergraduates, as well as interviews with current intellectuals and book reviews. The CJLC also plans events and seminars on a variety of topics, all tied in some way to critical, literary, or political theory, or simply literature. If you are interested in getting involved, want more information, or would like to submit an essay, please email us at  Submissions for the 2014 journal are due November 18th.

2013 Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism

Hélène Barthélemy
Meredith Foster
Managing Editor
Nathan Proctor
Senior Editors
Camille Albouy
Peter Conroy
Ethan Edwards
Alyssa Garcia
Alia Massoud
Lesley Thulin
Associate Editors
Mounia Abousaïd
Elyse Cox
Angelina Eimannsberger
Keyanah Freeland
Ortal Isaac
Amna Pervez
Layout Editors
Elyse Cox
Amna Pervez

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