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Founded in 2002 by undergraduate English majors, CJLC acts as an interdisciplinary forum centered around literature and its confluences with the humanities. The journal is published once a year and includes various scholarly articles, reviews, interviews and original artwork. As an undergraduate publication, CJLC endeavors to examine issues of literary and cultural import in a tone that is discursive yet conversational.

CJLC also hosts events, including panel discussions with academics from other institutions (past topics have included Cosmopolitanism and Occupy) and a seminar series, where Columbia professors and graduate students talk about their research in a casual setting.

The forthcoming issue will explore the theme of taste. We want to address the polyphony of this term. Taste has a transitive and intransitive sense. Things are in good taste or bad taste; you have it, or you don’t. But how is taste constructed, how does it circulate, and how does it change? How does taste regulate and promote modes of cultural expression? And how do material cultures and economies impact what we think of taste? From politics to gastronomy to gastropolitics, we want to investigate how taste is mobilized, performed, and enacted in textual and corporeal arenas.

For details on how to submit, please click here. Submissions for the 2015 issue are due January 20th.

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2014 Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism

Ian Trueger
Hallie Nell Swanson
Sarah Bai
Mariam Elnozahy
Robert Jack Gross
Adil Habib
Jack Klempay
Rosa Innocencio Smith
Megan Stater
Rebecca Teich
Jingwei Xu
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