2013-2015 Senior Essays

2016 Senior Essays
Abrams, Michael (Aaron Ritzenberg)
"The Psychedelic Apocolypse Now: Hefner, Hendrix, Miller"
Chang-Friedan, Michael (Robert Ferguson)
"The Admissibility of Victim Impact Statements for Financial Crimes: A Literary-Legal Investigation"
Chasen-Taber, Jessie (Katherine Biers)
"Spinning Time: Contemporary Women's Experiments in Life-Writing"
Corcoran, Sara (Jenny Davidson)
"Homunculus Still in the Vial: Felix Krull as the Uncompleted Vision of German Identity"
Furcall, Dylan (Michael Golston)
"Splintered Hearts: Moby-Dick's Extracts as Conceptual Poetry"
Josephs, Anya (William Worthen)
"'Separés, on est ensemble': Macbeth en forêt and Theatre Through Boundaries"
Kysar, Emma (Emily Bloom)
"The Ramsays and the Compsons: The Effect of Literary Cubism on Female Characters in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury"
Tamar Kaprelian Mardirossian
"Spatial Affect and Female Bildung in Villette"
Messinger, Francesca (Robert O'Meally)
"Lives and Afterlives of Romantic Monsters"
Miller, Emma (Peter Platt)
"Money And Identity For Shakespeare's Bad Bookkeepers"
Neugut, Eitan (David Yerkes)
"Short Matters"
Solin, Serena (Griffin, Farah)
"'Grass Between the Cracks': Sustainabile Poetics and Ed Roberson's City Eclogue"
Springer, Bailey (Victoria Rosner)
"Striding Forward and Slouching Back: Djuna Barnes, Posture, and the Eugenic Narrative of Linear Progress"
Stoughton, Andrew (Marcellus Blount)
"Zuckermans Bound: Form and the Jewish Self in the Fiction of Phillip Roth"
Zhou, Dennis (Ann Douglas)
"Young Americans: Pierre and the Fiction of Development"
2015 Senior Essays
Arn, Jackson (Ross Posnock)
“In Pursuit of Uselessness: Primitivism, Performance, and Autotelism in the Novels of Saul Bellow”
Avvocato, Alexandra (Erik Gray)
“‘The Intimate Space”: Solitude, Integration, and Influences on Artistry in Rainer Maria Rilke’s Love Poetry”
Bowman, Caroline (Matt Hart)
“‘What can it all mean?’: The Evolution of Historical Experience and the Novelistic Form in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, The Years, and Between the Acts
Cho, Grace (Jenny Davidson)
“The ‘Real Language of Men’: A Historical Reading of the Lyrical Ballads
Choudhury, Devin (Aaron Ritzenberg)
“Understanding the Land’s ‘Great Fact’: Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! and My Ántonia as Proto-Deep Ecology”
Conners, Ciarán (Jean Howard)
“Did Glendower Play the Harp?: Echoes of the Irish Bard in 1 Henry IV
Flanagan, Diana (Philip Kitcher)
“Reflections in the Fractured Glass: A Discussion of Honor in Shakespeare”
Foster, Luke (Erik Gray)
“Tilting After the Trenches: The Quixotic Return of Heroism in G.K. Chesterton’s Modernism”
Greiner, Grace Catherine (Patricia Dailey)
“Into the Mystic Mirror: Reading, Recognition, and Reflection in Julian of Norwich’s Revelation of Love
Kumar, Avantika (Eleanor Johnson)
“Configured Contemplation: Sensation and Embodiment in Walter Hilton’s Scale of Perfection
Marzorati, Luca (Austin Graham)
“Genius Was Not Enough: The Fall of Thomas Wolfe and the Rise of the Creative Writing Workshop”
McStay, Chantal (Maura Spiegel)
“Tearing up the Packaging: Salinger, Anderson, and the Status of Style”
Mellen, Ruby (Bruce Robbins/Erik Gray)
“Plotting Terror: Don DeLillo, 9/11, and the Power of Narrative”
Menna, Michael (Alan Stewart)
“A Sum of Dead Parts: Allusion in Thomas Middleton’s The Revengers Tragedy
Nieves Cylinder, Violeta  (Philip Kitcher)
“Caliban Goes Through the Looking Glass: Mirrors, Monsters, and Mimesis in Joyce’s Ulysses
Noah, Will (Edward Mendelson)
“Primal Words and Complex Grammar: Modes of Address in the Poetry of W.H. Auden”
Plaue, Ethan (Michael Golston)
“Within the Spectacle: Race and the Post-LANGUAGE Autobiographies of Claudia Rankine and Tan Lin”
Ramberg, Erik (Joey Slaughter)
“A Portrait of the Artist as a Murderer: Distant Star, Hegel, and the Aesthetics of Human Rights”
Rosmarin, Maya (Tobias Wilke)
“Under The Rings of Saturn
Sharp, Naomi (Kaiama Glover)
Spatuzzi, Gabriel (Dennis Tenen)
“Faith, Alcoholics Anonymous and the End of Irony: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Infinite Jest
Stubbs, Percy (Julie Crawford)
“‘With Double Sense Deluding’: Revealing Iteration in Milton’s Paradise Regained
Sun, Merry (Michael Golston)
“The Radiant Image as Paradise in the Pisan Cantos
Waetjen, Mweya (Eleanor Johnson)
“‘Blessed is He,’ ‘Beatus,’ ‘B’rich hu’: Visionary Code-Switching in William Langland’s Piers Plowman and Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish
Walsh, Verity (Chris Baswell)
“Triumphant Orpheus: Orphic Platonism and Sir Orfeo
Wang, Tracey (Marcellus Blount)
“This is How You Tell a Story: Writing the Dictatorship through Narrative Silence in Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Wohlstadter, Eric (Sharon Marcus)
“‘Separateness with Communication’: Religious Identity and Anti-Typological Reading in Daniel Deronda
2014 Senior Essays
Sandra Abramowicz (Alan Stewart)
"Thou Hast Ravished My Heart: ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore and the Biblical Song of Songs"
Lara Andersson (Bruce Robbins)
"Emergent Genre Hybrids in Scandinavian Crime Literature: A New Mirror for Swedish Societal Tensions"
Corey Dansereau (Philip Kitcher)
"Where in the waste is the wisdom?"
Catherine Eberstadt (Nicole Wallack)
"'Who is James Holmes?': The Deathly Toll of Sentimental Journeys"
Kate Gamble (Austin Graham)
Allen Johnson (Maura Spiegel)
"It Must Be Light Enough to Fly: Technologies of Freedom in the Castle Films of Miyazaki Hayao"
Marcela Johnson (Michael Golston)
"Looking on Beauty Bare: Mina Loy’s Poetic Geometries"
Ben Kaplan (Maura Spiegel)
"Esthetic Narratives and the Present Physician in Ulysses"
Becca Liu (Ivan Sanders)
"'The Word Sparks in My Teeth': Freudo-Marxism and the Poetry of Attila József"
Alessio Mineo (Jean Howard)
"The Fabulous Grace of God: On revolutions in gay styles of dramatic literature through the onset of HIV/AIDS in America"
Mica Moore (Deborah Martinsen)
"The Husk and the Kernel: Narrative Strategies in Dostoevsky’s Notes from the House of the Dead "
Hwei Ru Ong (Sarah Cole)
"'Who is Kim?': Mapping for the Plot in Rudyard Kipling’s Kim"
Aliza Polkes (Branka Arsic)
"What Maisie Knew and How Henry James Exploited Her Knowledge: A Sacrifice of Character"
Bernardo Sarmiento-Hinojosa (Eleanor Johnson)
"Macaronic Collaborations: Habituation, Salvation, and the Bilingual Theology of Piers Plowman"
Jennifer Schmeyer (Jim Adams)
"A Tale of Two Tesses: Melodrama, Sympathy, and the Fallen Woman in Hardy’s Stage Adaptations of Tess of the D’Urbervilles"
Kai Schultz (Nicole Horejsi)
"'How I tremble to name the word!': Satirizing Homophobia in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk"
Taylor Seidel (Stathis Gourgouris)
"Architecture and Authority: Informalism in Roberto Bolaño’s 2666"
Emma Stein (Alan Stewart)
"Subverting Power: Conflation, Duplication, and Punishment of the Kingly Body in Marlowe’s Edward II"
Abigail Struhl (Gauri Viswanathan)
"Materiality in Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence"
Lesley Thulin (Anahid Nersessian)
"'Call it something I ate': Disgust and Environmental Toxicity in Infinite Jest"
Jaclyn Willner (Farah Griffin)
"Inscribed in Letters: the Making, Possession, and Violation of Women through the Epistolary Tradition"
Spring 2013 Senior Essays
Jennifer Alzate (Joseph Slaughter)
“Undermining Mimetic Representation in Magical Realism”
Kal Anthony (Matthew Hart)
“Arrow To the Sun: The Scripted Death of Harry Crosby”
Jason Bell (Katherine Biers)
“The Bullet in the Book: On the Origins of Middle West America, Its History and Literature”
Anna Birinyi (Colm Tóibín)
“Urban Spaces, Nameless Faces, and Aimless Paces: Pensive Ambulation, Geographical Specificity, and Task-Based Syntactical Differences in Ulysses and Mrs. Dalloway
Nick Bloom (Gauri Viswanathan)
“’To Gather the Scattered Beauty’: The Public and Private Anti-War Activism of Virginia Woolf”
Peter Conroy (Colm Tóibín)
“The Master Before Himself: In Search of Henry James”
Michelle Dawson (Aaron Ritzenberg)
“Trauma and Intervention in the Partition Novel: Khushwani Singh’s Train to Pakistan and Bapsi Sidwa’s Cracking India"
Jack Dickey (Austin Graham)
“Throw the Book at ‘Em: The Prison Narratives of Caryl Chessman and Eldridge Cheaver, and the End of Penal Moderation, 1954-1070”
Rebecca Ehrhardt (James Adams)
“To Stare Her Into Stone: Beauty and the Gorgon Plot in Dombey and Son
Meredith Foster (Monica Cohen)
“The Poetic Naturalist: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, Evolutionary Science and the Legacy of Romanticism”
Amanda Gutterman (Julie Crawford)
“'Do you believe me yet?': Staging Education in Milton's Comus
Cynthia Harris (Cristobal Silva)
“Contagion and Form in Bleak House: An Ethics of Reading"
Christopher Johnson (Jenny Davidson)
“The Collapsing Self”
Tucker Kuman (Nicole Horejsi)
“’Singular Contrast!’: Attacking the Arts in Melmoth the Wanderer
Jeremy Liss (Nicolas Dames)
“Dickens v. Seymour: How Literary Sabotage Unwittingly Birthed the Victorian Serial”
Kristine Lu (James Adams)
“Sympathy in Paralysis: Self-Consciousness as Medium and Cognitive Processes in Midling in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
Renata Mittnacht – (Nicholas Dames)
“Articulacy in Madame Bovary and The Egoist
Lauren Monzon (Branka Arsic)
“'The Abyss Also Gazes Into You': Electronic Technologies and the Exacerbation of Skepticisim in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis and Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story”
Silvia Park (James Shapiro)
“The Two Williams in Gender and Language”
Steven Pfau (Elisabeth Ladenson)
“Ahab’s Wounds: Deformity and Narrative Form in Moby-Dick
Tzipora Quint (Kathy Eden)
“Fantasy, Invention and Creation: Italian Renaissance Art Theory and Sir Phillip Sidney’s Defence of Poesy”
Gerard Ramm (Bruce Robbins)
“Written Small: Marginal Native American Presence in Contemporary Literature”
Natalie Robehmed (Michael Golston)
“Materiality and 'Natural Language' in Robert Grenier’s Drawing Poems”