Alex Fabrizio

Alex Fabrizio is a doctoral candidate in the department of English and comparative literature, where she works on twentieth-century British literature, the decolonizing British empire, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Her dissertation, “In Between Places: Fictions of Decolonization and the British Mid-Century,” examines how mid-century writers Jean Rhys, George Lamming, V.S. Naipaul, and Doris Lessing employ narrative setting to make legible the historical moment of declining British imperialism, registering through specific places the complex social networks that define the late colonial and postcolonial experiences of emigration to London. Building on conceptions of literary geographies that account for how space produces social relationships, the project examines how various spatial scales-- from room to ship to city—function as laboratories for working out social identities, including group consciousness and individual isolation that serve as the basis for new political action.

Alex has presented her work on twentieth-century writers at the Modernist Studies Association and International James Joyce Symposium conferences. At Columbia, she has taught ENGL 1010 University Writing and University Writing for International Students and ENGL 3001 Literary, Texts, Critical Methods. At Ohio State, she taught English 110/1110 First-Year English Composition, English 2266 Writing of Poetry I, and English 3304 Business Writing. Alex has worked extensively with the Center for Teaching and Learning, serving as a Peer Teaching Consultant and most recently as a Senior Teaching Observation Fellow, mentoring a group of graduate student fellows developing innovative pedagogical strategies through interdisciplinary observation. She has also served as a co-organizer for the 20/21 Colloquium and editor for The Morningside Review. Alex has published over a dozen children’s books, as well as a volume of poetry with Kent State University Press (2014). She holds an MFA in creative writing from The Ohio State University (2013) and an MA, MPhil, and Graduate Certificate in Feminist Scholarship from Columbia (2014, 2016).

Academic Interests:

Twentieth-century British and global Anglophone literature, modernism and imperialism, literary geographies, feminist criticism