Program Officers & Committees

The Department is administered by members of the faculty and a staff of full- and part-time office personnel.

The Chair is nominated, by faculty vote, to the Vice President of Arts and Sciences, on whose recommendation the President of the University appoints the Chair. The usual term is three years.

A Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is appointed by the Chair. The DGS appoints other faculty to help administer the graduate program: an Associate. Director, Placement Officer, and members of the CGE. (Advanced students in Comparative Literature are supervised by the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society.)

The Committee on Guidance & Evaluation (CGE) is responsible for the general academic review of all students in the Department. With the DGS as chair, it takes up individual petitions and problems, as well as larger issues of policy and planning. Members of the Committee are chosen to reflect a wide range of academic interests.

The Graduate Student Council (GSC), which includes all graduate students, nominates 2 or 3 student members to attend CGE meetings, except when issues concerning individual students are to be discussed. They have a voice in the discussion but no vote.


Administrative Office
602 Philosophy Hall
tel (212) 854-3215
fax (212) 854-5398

Department Chair
Alan Stewart
602 Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-3215

Director of Graduate Studies
James Adams
404 Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-5210

Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Dennis Tenen
408E Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-3215

Placement Officer
Eleanor Johnson
408J Philosophy Hall

Lauren Robertson
408C Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-3215


Department Administrator
Pamela Rodman
602 Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-3215

Graduate Studies Coordinator
602 Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-6475

For information on applications/admissions:


The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society
ICLS Web Site

Administrative Office:
HB1-1 Heyman Center
(212) 854-4541
fax: (212) 854-3099

Lydia H. Liu (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
406 Kent Hall

Director of Graduate Studies:
Brent Edwards
609 Philosophy Hall