Anglo-Saxon Studies: Thomas Bredehoft, Workshop and Lecture

Event Space of 244 Greene Street
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Dr. Bredehoft will lead an Old English Meter Workshop (paired with our Reading Old English Aloud meeting) at 12pm, and then give a lecture entitled "Containing Texts: Literature in One, Two, and Three Dimensions" at 6pm. 

His talk examines the literary implications of textual materiality, specifically the literary effects and uses of the three-dimensional objects we call books or codexes. In asking whether the shape of the physical container affects or constrains the shapes of the texts it contains, Bredehoft opens the door for a new understanding of textual dimensionality, including a clarification of whether verse is to be understood as one-dimensional or two. Consider examples ranging from Anglo-Saxon poems to the contemporary comics of Chris Ware, Bredehoft argues that two- and three-dimensional texts give us crucial insight into both the unconscious habits of typographic print textuality and the promises and challenges of digital text.

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