Graduate Student Council (GSC)

I.Membership in the GSC  
The GSC consists of all graduate students in Department. Membership is automatic.    

II. Purpose of the GSC
  A.   To observe everything in the Department that affects the life of graduate students, to apprise the faculty of any student concerns, and to make  recommendations for the improvement of the graduate program.

  B.   To give students a forum in which to voice their concerns.

  C. To send representatives to the CGE.

  D. To publicize information of interest to students.

  E. To function as a hub for student subcommittees addressing particular issues.

  F. To recruit and entertain prospective students.

  G. To integrate new students into the community.

  H. To orchestrate departmental social events.

  I. To advise on the publication of the GSC handbook.

III. GSC Representatives
  A. 2 to 3 (usually second- or third-year) students from the graduate student body volunteer for a term of service of up to 2 years. If more than 3 students volunteer, the current representatives will hold a vote. Positions are staggered in the sense that every year there will be at least one representative who has served previously.

  B. Representatives are required to hold meetings each semester where issues relevant to graduate study are raised and discussed. Graduate Student Advisory Council Representatives for the Department will also attend so they may take issues dealing with graduate student life to a GSAS-wide forum. Representatives should, however, be contacted whenever questions arise.    
The current GSC representatives are listed below. If you have a question specific to your stage of the program, please direct it to the appropriate liaison. If you have a general question, please send it to