Katherine Bergevin

Katherine Bergevin is a fifth-year doctoral candidate at Columbia University's Department of English and Comparative Literature. She holds BA and MA degrees in English from the University of Toronto. She is the current Rapporteur for the Columbia University Seminar in Eighteenth-Century European Culture. Her dissertation, Clarissa's Belly, examines the representation of pregnancy and captivity as co-constitutive categories in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature. In Fall 2018, Katherine will teach the course Jane Austen and the Enlightenment Mind, a senior seminar which places the psychological realism of Austen's novels in dialogue with theories of the mind produced by canonical (and not-so-canonical) Enlightenment thinkers. She has previously taught several sections of University Writing, and served as a section leader for the courses Literary Texts, Critical Methods and Victorian Poetry.


Academic Interests:

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature in Britain and North America; enlightenment; coloniality; gender and sexuality; authors: John Locke, Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen