In Moral Agents: Eight Twentieth-Century American Writers Professor Edward Mendelson weaves the private lives of important literary figures from the last century into the story of their roles as public intellectuals. From Lionel Trilling to Frank O’Hara, these writers responded to their own authority in ways that are best understood, Mendelson shows, by examining their inner conflicts alongside their cultural milieu.

Feb 2015

Toward an Intellectual History of Black Women, edited by Professor Farah Griffin along with Mia E. Bay, Martha S. Jones, and Barbara D. Savage, offers unprecedented portraits of ten black women intellectuals.

Apr 2015

Keywords for Disability Studies is a collection of essays edited by Professor Rachel Adams, Benjamin Reiss (Emory), and David Serlin (UC Sand Diego) that aims to define and broaden the conceptual framework of the field of disability studies.  The book addresses what Adams describes as a gap in scholarship: “Disability studies has been around for 15 or 20 years and we realized there was no guidebook that would try to define the central terms and assumptions.” Inspired by Raymond William’s 1976 text Keywords for Culture and Society, the collection features sixty indivudally-

Jun 2015

The shape, lineation, and prosody of postmodern poems are extravagantly inventive, imbuing both form and content with meaning. Through a survey of American poetry and poetics from the end of World War II to the present, Michael Golston traces the proliferation of these experiments to a growing fascination with allegory in philosophy, linguistics, critical theory, and aesthetics, introducing new strategies for reading American poetry while embedding its formal innovations within the history of intellectual thought.

Sep 2015

Aidan Levy, a second year Ph.D. candidate in English and Comparative Literature, has published his first book, Dirty Blvd., a comprehensive biography of Lou Reed, the legendary rock artist who helmed the Velvet Underground, known for his hit “Walk on the Wild Side” and dozens of critically acclaimed albums.

Oct 2015

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Oct 2015

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Nov 2015

From Columbia University Press: 

The stories we tell in our attempt to make sense of the world—our myths and religion, literature and philosophy, science and art—are the comforting vehicles we use to transmit ideas of order. But beneath the quest for order lies the uneasy dread of fundamental disorder. True chaos is hard to imagine and even harder to represent. In this book, Martin Meisel considers the long effort to conjure, depict, and rationalize extreme disorder, with all the passion, excitement, and compromises the act provokes.

Feb 2017

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Renunciation as a creative force in the careers of writers, philosophers, and artists is the animating idea behind Ross Posnock’s new book. Taking up acts of abandonment, rejection, and refusal that have long baffled critics, he shows how renunciation has reframed the relationship of artists and intellectuals to society in productive and unpredictable ways.

Feb 2017

Representations Number 135, Summer 2016: "Description Across Disciplines," edited by Sharon Marcus, Heather Love, and Stephen Best. 

Aug 2016