Continuous registration is required of all degree candidates, save those "off-plan" or on Leave of Absence (see below). Students who receive funding must be "full-time." Students must be registered at least ½ time to be eligible for most loans. Also, registration status will determine when loans become payable (students should check with their individual lenders). The GSAS billing units that determine status and eligibility are listed below.

A Residence Unit is simply the term for registering for a semester of full-time study. It may or may not involve coursework.


  • 1 (FULL) RESIDENCE UNIT: "Full-time" status
  • ½ RESIDENCE UNIT: "Part-time" status, may take up to three courses per semester, four semesters to fulfill requisite residence units for M.A., eligible for some loans, some loans may become payable.
  • ¼ RESIDENCE UNIT: "Part-time" status, may take up to two courses, eight semesters to complete requisite residence units for M.A., ineligible for most loans, most loans become payable.

       * All M.A. candidates must complete 2 full residence units to be eligible for the degree.
      *  M.Phil. candidates must complete 6 residence units (4 residence units beyond those of the M.A. year).

  • EXTENDED RESIDENCE: Extended Residence is for M.Phil./Ph.D. candidates who have completed six residence units and either hold a teaching appointment or plan to take courses. Extended Residence confers "full-time" status to students and allows them to take unlimited classes. Cost is covered for students on teaching appointment.
  • MATRICULATION AND FACILITIES (M & F): M&F is normally for advanced students who are neither on a teaching appointment nor planning to take courses.
  • Matriculation and Facilities F/T: "Full-time" status, no classes.
  • Matriculation and Facilities P/T: "Part-time" status, no classes, loans may become payable.



Typical Registration Timeline
MA Year Registration:2 Residence Units
2nd-Year Registration:2 Residence Units
3rd-Year Registration:2 Residence Units
4th-Year Registration:2 Extended Residence Units
5th-Year Registration:2 Extended Residence Units; or, Matriculation and Facilities
6th-Year Registration:2 Extended Residence Units; or, Matriculation and Facilities

Defense Registration: The registration requirement for the dissertation defense depends on the date of distribution, not on the date of the actual defense. If you distribute before the first day of classes of the new semester, you do not have to re-register.