Requirements for a Concentration in English

Fulfillment of an English Concentration requires a total of 8 courses in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. 

One of the 8 courses used to fulfill the English Concentration must be Literary Texts, Critical Methods (ENGL UN3001), along with its accompanying seminar section ENGL UN3011 (3001 and 3011 are each a part of the same three-credit course). First-year students, seniors, and all students in between are equally welcome in the course. All English Concentrators must take ENGL UN3001 before they graduate, but otherwise it does not matter when they take it. ENGL UN3001 does not fulfill any distribution requirements.

Among the remaining 7 courses used to fulfill the English Concentration, the following distribution requirements must be satisfied:

— 2 in periods before 1800 (only 1 of which may be a course in Shakespeare) — 2 in different genre categories — 2 in different geography categories

English Major/Concentration  WORKSHEET.

Note:  All options and restrictions on the major also apply to the concentrations: 2 writing courses may count toward the concentration, no more than 2 summer courses may be applied to the concentration, etc.

(The option concerning the Senior Essay, however, is not applicable: concentrators may not apply to do a Senior Essay, nor are they eligible for departmental honors.)