Requirements for the Major

Fulfillment of the English Major requires a total of 10 courses in the Department of English and Comparative Literature.

By College rule, the department can grant honors to no more than 10 percent of college English majors.  Any student wishing to receive honors for his or her English Major must (1) have a GPA of 3.65 or higher in the courses used to fulfill the English Major, (2) submit a senior essay or an independent study of comparable length by the deadline in early April (see the Senior Essay Program section of this website). 

One of the 10 courses used to fulfill the English Major must be Literary Texts, Critical Methods (ENGL UN3001), along with accompanying seminar section ENGL UN3011 (3001 and 3011 are each a part of the same course). Students may take this course in any year, although English Majors are urged to take it as early as possible, preferably in the freshman or sophomore year. ENGL UN3001 does not fulfill any distribution requirements.

Among the remaining 9 courses used to fulfill the English Major, the following distribution requirements must be satisfied:

3 courses dealing (primarily) with periods before 1800
Restriction: only one course in Shakespeare may be used toward this requirement

1 course in each of the following 3 generic categories: — poetry — prose fiction / narrative — drama / film / new media
1 course in each of the following 3 geographical categories: — British— American— comparative / global

Note: A Single Course May Fulfill More Than One Distribution Requirement
For example, a Shakespeare lecture fulfills all 3 following requirements at once:
— a pre-1800 course and— a drama course and— a British course

Course Distribution Lists for the current term, as well as an archive of those from past semesters are available here online and can be found in the department office, 602 Philosophy Hall. These lists indicate which requirements are fulfilled by which departmental courses. No course may be used to fulfill a requirement if that course does not appear under that category in the course distribution list—unless it is approved by the D.U.S.

English Major WORKSHEET.