Undergraduate Student News

Recipients of the 2018 English Department Writing Prizes
        Critical Writing Prizes
Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Prize
Charlotte Goddu
Bunner Prize
Gabriela Dowling
John Vincent Hickey Prize
Rebecca Teich
            Creative Writing Prizes
Academy of American
Poets Poetry Prize
Rebecca Teich
Van Rensselaer Prize
David Ehmcke
Brownstein Prize
Alessandra Stearns
Philolexian Prize
Seymour Brick Memorial Prize

Eliana Pipes

George Edward Woodberry PrizeCatherine Valdez
     The Richmond B. Williams Traveling Research Fellowship 2015

Andrew Haas, Sasha Mutchnik, Emily Sun

John Angus Burrell Memorial Prize
RecipientsJulia Kilzner