Dustin D. Stewart

Dustin D. Stewart

Research Interests


Dustin D. Stewart (PhD Texas 2013) specializes in the literature and culture of the later seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with broader interests in poetics and theology. He has taught courses at Columbia on British poetry from John Milton to Romanticism, the prehistory of the Gothic, religion and the English novel, mobility and emotion in the Enlightenment, and the literature of the nonhuman (from angels to AI). His first book, titled Futures of Enlightenment Poetry, has recently been published by Oxford University Press. A study of materialism and devotion after Milton, it asks how poets can give their readers an experience of the afterlife in the here and now. A second book in the making, exploring religious understandings of space in the eighteenth-century Atlantic, involves ongoing research on the Anglican parish, Methodist spirituality, Black British writing, and natural history and natural theology. Taken together, these research projects play up the new uses to which old religious questions were put in Enlightenment-era cultural debates and literary practices. 

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