Undergraduate Advising

English majors and concentrators are not assigned individual advisers.  Instead, the faculty members serving each year on the department’s Committee for Undergraduate Education (CUE) are designated as undergraduate departmental advisers. Upon declaring a Major or Concentration in English, students should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), or one of the designated advisers, to discuss the program and its requirements.

Students are encouraged, moreover, to regard the entire faculty as available for academic advising. At this site’s faculty pages, students will find a list of faculty detailing their various areas of interest, and they should feel free to consult any faculty member whose interests accord with their own.

Professor Molly Murray, Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

Professor Rachel Adams

Professor Nicholas Dames

Professor Austin Graham

Professor Rebecca Kastleman

Professor Aaron Ritzenberg



Most questions concerning the requirements for the English Major or Concentration can be answered by consulting the information under Requirements for the Major and Requirements for the Concentration. More detailed information about which courses may be counted toward the major or concentration can be found on our Undergraduate Major requirements page under Course Options and Restrictions.

Please note that the Degree Audit Report (DAR) on SSOL is often inaccurate.  Students should instead make use of the English Major/Concentration Worksheet to keep track of the courses they have taken and the requirements the courses fulfill.  Early in the semester in which a student is planning to graduate, the completed worksheet must be reviewed and signed by the DUS.

The English and Comparative Literature Department is committed to helping majors and concentrators plan for their future careers, using the skills developed in their coursework.  In addition to regularly emailing students with opportunities for internships and scholarships, the CUE will offer advice for seniors eager to pursue graduate study in English, or curious about other professional avenues.  

The department also works closely with the Center for Career Education (CCE) to provide counseling for English majors as they pursue careers after graduation.  Resources available at the CCE include the following:

For more information about career services and events, please contact CCE at 212.854.5609 or [email protected]