Study Abroad Opportunities


This fellowship supports a student undertaking a summer research project requiring foreign travel.

What academic responsibility does the fellowship entail?
Students who are awarded this fellowship report the results of their research during their senior year, either as a senior essay or as an independent study.

Who is eligible?
Any Columbia College English and Comparative Literature major who is currently completing the junior year may apply.

Where can the applications be found?
At the English and Comparative Literature website.

When is the application due?
March 15, 2020, and submitted to 602 Philosophy.

What does the application include?
(1) a statement two (2) pages describing the proposed research project
(2) two (2) faculty recommendations (submitted to 602 Philosophy Hall or emailed to Prof. Murray at
(3) the signature of a professor who has agreed to sponsor the project
(4) a completed School Sponsorship application

*It is highly recommended that interested students review the Undergraduate International Travel Policy before and during the application process.*

Sample proposals can be found here.