Past Event

Such Sweet Thunder: A Listening Session

February 11, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Online Event

Courtney Bryan, Tulane University

Brent Hayes Edwards, Columbia University

Nicole Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh



Renowned composers and instrumentalists Courtney Bryan and Nicole Mitchell will join Professor Brent Hayes Edwards 

for a live listening session featuring the Duke Ellington Orchestra's 1957 recording of Such Sweet Thunder, sharing some of 

their favorite sections of Ellington's suite and discussing some of the innovative ways Ellington and his collaborator 

Billy Strayhorn orchestrated their classic "tone parallel" to Shakespeare.



February 11, 2022   7pm 


Pre-show performance with:

The Columbia University Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program Students

Stephanie Chow (guitar), Andre Yan (sax), Paul Torres (bass)

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