• Dennis Tenen

    Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
    Department of English and Comparative Literature
    408E Philosophy Hall
    Office Hours:
    Fridays 11:00am - 1:00pm (please feel free to write in advance)

    Areas of Interest :
    Literary theory, sociology of literature, history of media and technology, computational approaches to the study of literature
    Dennis Tenen's research happens at the intersection of people, texts, and technology.
    He is the author of Plain Text: The Poetics of Computation (Stanford UP, 2017) and a co-founder of Columbia's Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities. His work appears also on the pages of Amodern, boundary 2, Computational Culture, Modernism/modernity, New Literary HistoryPublic Books, and LA Review of Books on topics that range from book piracy to algorithmic composition, unintelligent design, and history of data visualization.
    He teaches a variety of classes in fields of literary theory, new media studies, and critical computing in the humanities.
    For an updated list of projects, talks, and publications please visit dennistenen.com.