20/21 Century British Graduate Student Colloquium

The 20/21 British graduate student colloquium is a working group of faculty, graduate students and scholars whose research engages with British Anglophone literature and culture, from modernism to the contemporary moment. We happily invite members and speakers with a vast range of interests working across this period, with the hope of fostering intellectual collaboration, exchange and community.  

Each semester the colloquium will meet several times in order to discuss distinguished work in the field and hold workshops (articles, chapters, conference papers and proposals, job talks, prospectus and syllabi). For any of these events we welcome students from all stages in the program whose research interests might dovetail with the study of modernist and contemporary British literature, including but not limited to: gender and sexuality studies, film and media studies, intellectual history, disability studies, critical race theory, transhistorical projects, history of science, post-colonial theory, narratology and the digital humanities. We also hold more informal, social events at least once a semester, in order to build networks and create a stronger sense of community. 

If you are interested in joining us, sharing your work-in-progress, and/or would like to be added to the colloquium list-serv please email Mia Florin-Sefton ([email protected]) or Anna Krauthamer ([email protected]

Our faculty sponsers are Matthew Hart ([email protected]) and Sarah Cole ([email protected]