Important Dates for Graduate Students

Important academic events and deadlines 2019-2020

29: Travel grant applications due (for May 1-August 31 conferences)

25: Library carrel applications due.

26: G.S.A.S. orientation for entering students

27: M.A. and Ph.D. orientation

05: Orientation, a how-to session for new students is normally held the Thursday before Labor Day

15: First chapter submitted and chapter meeting scheduled with the dissertation committee

01: Deadline for prospectus meeting between the student and committee to take place when they both agree that the prospectus is in the nearly final draft

04: Deadline to submit M.Phil. application for October 16th conferral

25: Deadline for filing approved prospectus with the Department

26: Travel grants application due

01: Dissertation prospectus due

19: Deadline for Ph.D. for applications

31: MPhil Application for a February 2020 conferral

07: Dissertation Deposit due for a February 2020 conferral

13: Deadline for M.A. applications

15: Draft dissertation chapter submitted

24: Travel grant applications due (for September 1- April 30 conferences)

15: First chapter of dissertations due

01: Second chapter submitted and chapter meeting scheduled with dissertation committee

17: Last day to complete deposit of a dissertation for the May 2020 conferral and have the student’s name appear in the Convocation Booklet.

24: Last day to complete deposit of a dissertation for the May 2020 conferral. The student’s name will appear in the addendum to the Convocation Booklet.

8: MPhil Application for a May 2020 conferral

15: Dissertation Committee Meeting

30: Dean's progress report for dissertation defense due.