Julie Stone Peters Interviewed by Columbia News About the Release of New Book

In Law as Performance, Professor Julie Stone Peters traces how theatrics and spectatorship contributed to a tradition of legal thought and practice. 

August 22, 2022
Profile image of Professor Julie Stone Peters.
Book cover for Law as Performance

Professor Julie Stone Peters was interviewed by Columbia News about the release of her new book Law as Performance: Theatricality, Spectatorship, and the Making of Law in Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Europe

In Law as Performance, Peters traces the history of spectatorship and legal performance through the early modern period, investigating how performance literally created law—in civic arenas, courtrooms, judges' chambers, marketplaces, scaffolds, and streets. 

Peters elaborates on the book with Columbia News, along with her inspiration for the work, its resonance with our current culture of legal performance, and the dynamic trio of guests she would invite to her fantasy dinner party. 

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