Farah Jasmine Griffin Warmly Celebrated in Boston Review

In "Flowers for Farah," Robin D. G. Kelley celebrates Griffin for bringing a praxis of radical love to an unequal academy through her scholarship, mentoring, and activism. 

December 14, 2022

UCLA Professor of American History (and former Columbia Professor of Anthropology and African-American Studies) Robin D. G. Kelley has written a piece in the Boston Review honoring Farah Jasmine Griffin.

Tracing the profound impact that Griffin has had on his life and the lives of her students, Kelley writes how

      She is not one to impart esoteric knowledge from behind a
      lectern. Rather, she gets down in the chaos of complex
      thinking alongside her students and the communities she
      cares about, listening, learning, encouraging curiosity, and
      seeking clarity.  

To read Kelley's tribute to Griffin in its entirety, click here