Course Listings

                          Spring 2023:

                                  Updated January 23, 2023

                      Undergraduate Course Listing

                           Graduate Course Listing

Note that courses will be added to Vergil and SSOL as they are approved by the relevant university committee, so please continue to check.

For questions about any course offerings: 

Undergraduate majors and concentrators – Remy Rendeiro, Undergraduate Coordinator ([email protected])

Graduate programs – Deanna Venezio, Graduate Coordinator (d[email protected])


  • Majors and concentrators are required to take ENGL UN3011: Literary Texts,
    Critical Methods, but LTCM is not a prerequisite for enrolling into lectures or seminars
  • Applications are typically required to enroll into seminars; when enrolling on SSOL, students will automatically be added to the seminar's waitlist and receive the professor's application instructions